Text: Evelyne Gorter

After four previously released EPs, The King’s Parade’s long-awaited debut album Waves was released today. The four-piece band consists of singer and guitar player Olly Corpe, bass player Tom English, drummer Chris Brent and keyboard player Sam Rooney. Waves was recorded by Marco Pasquariello (Coldplay and Snow Patrol) and produced by Guy Massey (Ed Sheeran, Jack Savoretti and The Libertines) at Abbey Road and Snap Studios.

And to start with the title of the seventh song on the album; ‘Is it me?’ How worth the wait ‘Waves’ was! The album contains ten very well thought out and crafted songs that take you textually through the waves of life. You can hear lyrics about happiness, regret, fear, discoveries and sadness. In terms of rhythm, the music can be categorised as indie soul. The album has a warm sound, the choirs, the Hammond organ, the harmonies and the use of sound and colour in Corpe’s voice make the album as a whole very pleasant to listen to.

Rarely have we heard an album where all ten songs complement each other so well. Small and intimate, like the first song and the title track of the album ‘Waves’ where singer Olly Corpe’s voice hangs subtly above a piano line in the first part, after which the band completes the song a little later. Or the happy feel-good vibe that the danceable song ‘Mario’ brings. The song describes the beauty and joy of human interaction.

Oh, you call me up
Small talk
Mention something on your mind
Just a thought
Could you hear me smiling,
Could you hear me smiling

To end with the sensitive and modest last song of the album ‘Wait’, which Corpe wrote in response to his grandfather’s memoirs. A beautiful song recorded in one take, with only Corpe’s vocals, a guitar and the backing vocals of the band creating a beautiful sound. On the song you can hear every breath and you experience the intimate atmosphere. ‘I don’t wanna wait no more, I don’t wanna wait…’ And let’s be honest. We can’t wait to hear this band play live either.