Text: Florian Baudouin

It’s quite unlikely that you’ve heard of The Damned Few, unless you live in the Netherlands and have a keen interest in the rising rock scene. Indeed, this young Dutch band has only released one EP in addition to this one. But who are these fine young folks? Proudly based in the province of Overijssel, the band consists of Dion Legebeke on vocals, Michiel Jansen on guitar, Jaap Schrijver on bass and Piero Sestu behind the drums.

Before we get down to business, let’s talk briefly about the artwork: it shows Dion Legebeke with an axe, like a “Black Blooded Woman” from a slasher movie, ready to take her next victim. The tracks on this EP would be perfect for the soundtrack.

The band describes itself as a band with a “sound of rock, blues and psychedelics from the 60’s and 70’s, but then on steroids”. A more accurate description could not be given, so let’s keep it that way. Indeed, the band’s sound is all about fuzz and low frequencies (or lack of high frequencies). As for steroids, this EP will only let you breathe at very rare moments, so you’re almost relieved when you get to the last track, “Born To Die”, which is much calmer and more soothing than the previous ones. Dion Legebeke’s voice is impressive and reminds of a certain Lzzy Hale. However, one sometimes gets the impression that she’s trying to impress the gallery more than necessary, which is a bit of a pity. We’d like to hear her more often on tracks like “Born To Die”! 

It’s still a fine piece of work overall, let’s not be mistaken. Now it’s only up to the band to refine themselves to acquire their own style, but what we hear here bodes well for the future.

Photo credit: Maaike Ronhaar