Text: Zaza de Vries

Many people have reinvented themselves during corona. The band Talk Show has also rediscovered itself and has made the choice to delete all their previously written music and go in a different direction. The result: Touch the Ground, a wonderfully booming EP.

If we look back ten years from the rock music produced during this time, the new angry post punk sound will be very typical with bands like Idles and Slaves. Talk Show manages to capture exactly this energy, but the band goes one step further. Effortlessly the distorted guitars are mixed with thumping synths. This makes Talk Show the best of both worlds.

Take the song “Underworld” for example. It reminds us of a combination of ‘Born Slippy’ by, yes, Underworld and ‘Never Fight A Man With A Perm’ by Idles. A strange combination that works perfectly thanks to Talk Show. The music calls for action and movement and actually we would like to hear the songs from the EP in a dirty club. Talk Show has taken a new, more electronic path with this EP, and we are very happy with that.

Missing Piece Records