Text: Zaza de Vries

Combine post-punk, a good dose of discomfort and the Dutch language and you get Cashmyra. Just under three years after the release of debut album Moreel Verwerpelijk, Groningen duo releases Privé today. An exciting EP with no less than six new songs. 

With Privé, Cashmyra is quick to show how much the band has grown towards each other in recent years. Drummer Djai-Mac Wolthof impresses quite quickly with interesting drum parts on, for instance, ‘Inevitable Result’, and now also regularly lends his vocals to the EP for the first time. The combination of his voice and that of singer and guitarist Cashmyra Rozendaal creates a strong contrast. 

Image and sound play a big part in Cashmyra’s music. The EP cover features Rozendaal herself including an actual tattoo of the title on her breastbone. The whole picture, including censored nipples, is completely accurate.

Cashmyra’s music might make you a little uncomfortable. It is sharp, the lyrics are romantic and about making mistakes and, above all, the music sounds dark. Like there’s a thundercloud hanging over your head. All this only in the best way you can imagine. Cashmyra even apologises for this in the last track on the album: ‘Apologies for the inconvenience’.