Text: Hanna de Vries 

The Netherlands has become quite good in producing stand out Gothic rock bands. Acts such as Within Temptation and Nightwish’s Floor Jansen are currently going all over the world. However, there’s also a few bands who haven’t yet had the opportunity to enjoy international attention. One of such bands is Blackbriar, and today their album ‘The Cause of Shipwreck’ has arrived. Blackbriar has been a band for a while now, their debut single premiering in 2014. Today, the band from Assen, the Netherlands is finally releasing their very first album. The first thing we notice are the beautiful vocals from singer Zora Cock. Cock’s voice transcends the music in a way that beautifully fits the genre. The fact that Cock’s voice fits the genre so well is absolutely something positive. However, it’s a shame that the band is not doing anything new with the genre. Blackbriar understands Gothic rock and they know how to write a good song. But it’s hard to find something that makes Blackbriar stand out from the crowd. The Cause of Shipwreck is an excellent album. It’s a great introduction with the band and the band’s strengths. Be that as it may, we hope to see the band evolve in the future to be a little bit more brave.

Blackbriar Music