Text: Shannon van Eis

Beatrice Laus, aka Beabadoobee, started writing music in her bedroom. At the age of seven, she created her own world in her mind called “Beatopia”. The problem was that she wasn’t taken seriously, which led to British-Filipino Bea being locked away in an inspiring and imaginative environment. Fourteen years later, it’s time to bring Beatopia back into the light.

“Is it me, or recently time is moving slowly?”, “Beatopia Cult Song” is the song that kicks off the album. A subtle song about what is instrumentally more impressive than the singing. A song born out of spontaneity, Bea herself explains. In “Talk”, the single released in 2022, the heavier guitar is more prominent. “I’m not sure if I’ve seen you before, you looked familiar when I saw you”.

Bea’s fine, almost velvety voice goes on in “Lovesong” – a more subdued, but magical song. The name speaks for itself, as it is a true love song. Dreamy lyrics echo over the acoustic guitar: “I guess this is just another love song about you”. “Don’t Get The Deal” is another song that starts out minimalist, but is then reinforced by exciting guitar parts. Then comes “Tinkerbell Is Overrated”, featuring the singer Pink Pantheress. An album doesn’t have to consist only of songs that sound the same and this is a perfect example.

What we do know is that ‘Beatopia’ is not lacking in reality. Unlike his first album ‘Fake It Flowers’, this album is no longer about dwelling on the past. An album about the process of becoming one with yourself and your inner child, leaving room for the imagination. Personal recovery and being satisfied with who you are.

Dirty Hit / Mattan Records