Text: Chloe Gudgin

Today The Vices released their debut album ‘Looking for Faces’. In the barely two years that The Vices exist they have gained tons of followers, their latest single ‘In And Out’ reaching almost 100k streams on Spotify. That is definitely a promising start. 

The first song of the album, title song ‘Looking for Faces’ hits the same as the first time. It makes sense of why the boys released this as their single. ‘Before your Birth’ automatically hits differently than the other songs with the emotional connection from the lyrics that are being sung. ‘In And Out’, fits in as the third song in the album, and as soon as we hear the first lyrics it automatically makes us think of Oasis with the calm, and the strong vocals. 

‘Good Morning City Now Let me Sleep’ is a long, pop-folk song with a mixture of old rock. Automatically has the 90s feeling to it as soon as you hear it, with the sense of freedom and soul that is put into the music, making the band more serious. Throughout these past few songs, you can tell the seriousness and emotion that has poured into these lyrics and instruments. 

The ending of the album is the most perfect song ‘All That I know’. This is the biggest surprise from the boys: the sense of sadness and happiness that they portray in this song. The sense that they know this is the last song of their debut album and the start of their dream too making it fall back into you thinking about past memories. To us, this is the perfect ending to their debut album.

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