Text: Shannon van Eis

The English trio from Lincolnshire have had a very busy year. They were more than rightly rewarded with a spot in the NME Top 100 of 2022. Indie-punk band The Rills have attracted quite a few new listeners with their funny videos on TikTok.  After spending a lot of time in recording studios, Do It Differently is finally here. Last Friday it was released via Nice Swan Records, the label we know from previous releases of the bands Sports Team and FEET.

The earlier released and also opening track ‘Skint Eastwood’ sketches a story about a cowboy who is haunted by the idea of being lonely. Cycling through the streets of Lincoln, he is looking for affection. Whether he gets it by stealing, begging or borrowing, he does not care. The bridge and outro contain a penetrating message: ‘Just remember to pick your hat up, cowboy.’

Doing things your own creative way; title track ‘Do It Differently’ is a wonderfully stubborn song. The Rills are of the opinion that there has to be a change in the boring daily routine. They show this in their humorous lyrics: ‘Well, you could say we like to do it differently.’ Apart from these previously released singles, there are two brand new songs on the EP. ‘This Is Hell’ features propulsive guitar riffs, reminding us of a younger Arctic Monkeys sound. The more sensitive ‘Never Around’ is a quieter track which is about facing your past.

There is no doubt that this band deserves an even bigger audience. With a headline tour in Europe in sight, the future looks bright for singer Mitch Spencer, bassist Callum Warner-Webb and drummer Mason Cassar.

Nice Swan Records