Tekst: Sarah Fluit

After their latest, more experimental album ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’, The 1975 is arguably one of the most versatile bands of the moment. After 2 years they are finally back with their long awaited album ‘Being Funny In A Foreign Language’. The band started making music in 2002, since that time we are 4 studio albums and many awards further. The 1975 was, among others, crowned with the title ‘Best Band In The World’ by NME Magazine.

Generally speaking, the album opens with the self-titled ‘The 1975’, whose piano sounds will remind you of LCD Soundsystem’s ‘All My Friends’, a band that singer Matty Healy has often praised. The song starts with the cynical and intriguing lyrics that are Healy’s signature. He rhymes words such as cynical, adderall, vitriol and aperol and creates lyrics such as “You’re making an aesthetic out of not doing well”. These interesting lyrics are also reflected in ‘Part of The Band’, released as the album’s first single. This neurotic song is full of lyrics such as “So many cringes in the heroin binges / I was coming off the hinges / living on the edge of my, my, my imagination”. The musical strings in combination with the beautiful folk rock in the background make this single a beautiful piece.

The 80’s sounding ‘Happiness’ is one of the best pop hits the band has released in years. As the title says, this single is full of joy and saxophone sounds we’ve encountered in the band’s previous work. Single follow-up ‘I’m In Love With You’ has that same classic pop sound that the band is known for. A pearl is hidden under beautiful soul-like ballads such as ‘All I Need To Hear’ and ‘Human Too’. ‘About you’ is a wonderful pairing of Healy’s slightly lower voice and the more feminine sound of Carly Horst, the wife of guitarist Adam Hann. This song is a mix full of synths, violins and an almost otherworldly sound.

The band is clearly maturing. In addition to their latest album, ‘Being Funny In A Foreign Language’ sounds like a beautiful ensemble of Matty Healy’s results and sounds that make this band refreshing and unique every time. For fans, this album is like coming home.

Mattan / Dirty Hit