Text: Shannon van Eis

It’s been four years since Sports Team released their first EP ‘Winter Nets’. In the meantime, a second EP “Keep Walking!” was released, followed by their Mercury Prize nominated debut album “Deep Down Happy”. Now the band is back with “Gulp!”, their second studio album.

One of their first singles was “The Game”, which opens the album. As you would expect from Sports Team, they don’t hold back. The raw, rhythmic guitar parts, combined with Alex Rice’s voice, create an enjoyable combination. “Ah yeah, that’s the game. Life’s hard but I can’t complain.”

“Katie died, just waiting for the right time to retire.” “The Drop” is infectious and, most importantly, very catchy. This song is about the lack of satisfaction in life and the confrontation with death. Compared to the rest of the album, “Cool It Kid” is a song that shows that it is possible to rest without getting bored. “Getting Better” is an invitation to see the good side of life. “Cause it’s only getting better ’til it starts off getting worse / And they put you in the garden under six old feet of dirt.”

On the previous album, guitarist Rob Knaggs could be heard a few times as the lead singer. His voice, accompanied by an acoustic guitar, can be heard on the closing track “Light Industry”. “Pour yourself another glass of exactly the same.”

Whoever is a fan of Sports Team shouldn’t worry about buying this album. What the album cover already indicates is that “Gulp!” is explosive and full of surprises. 

Holm Front