Text: Evelyne Gorter

Solomon shows the world they are here with their debut album ‘It’s all downhill from here’. The band produced the album with Christopher Elms (known for Björk, Ben Howard) who also mixed it and the record was master engineered by Tim Debney (Mumford & Sons, Bastille, Keane).

The Maastricht-based band’s debut album features ten songs. In the second track ‘Oceans’, singer Koen de Witte sings;… Let the current take control. And that is exactly what you should do while listening to this record. Get carried away by the melodies and arrangements and find yourself in a sea of musical creativity. Let yourself be guided by the flow of this album, from high raging waves to almost still waters. Let the music surround and overwhelm you, bathe in it.

On the album, we hear transitions from classic musical lines to pure rock combined with sounds like flipping a cassette tape. In the song ‘Polly’, we hear a melody line that refers to the previously released ‘Endless’. It is immediately clear from everything that we are dealing with purebred musicians who know how to combine various musical styles into a penetrating international sound, with White’s warm voice completing the whole.

Halfway through, the band throws out a ‘Life Line’ so our minds don’t drift too far; … Catch me when I fall. We need it, now that we are blown over by this album!

‘Nobody Knows’;… Nobody ever sees the same,…but we’re pretty sure that everything will kick into high gear for Solomon from now on!