Text: Hanna de Vries

It must’ve been a hard year for Pip Blom. The moment her career started picking up steam, the entire world went into lockdown. With performing or touring not within the realm of possibilities, Blom and the band finally got room to breathe. From that breath of fresh air, Welcome break was born. Pip Blom’s second studio album.

The recording of Welcome Break, wasn’t a breezy road. In September 2020, The Netherlands glowed bright red on the international Corona charts. The band wasn’t allowed to enter the UK, let alone the recording studio. A bitter pill to swallow. But the band made the choice to prevail, and go on the adventure. With a backpack full of board games and two extra weeks of vacation, the band travelled to England anyway and went on a two week quarantine before they were able to get to work.

Blom and her team describe Welcome Break as the older sibling to Boat, their debut record. The Tours, many performances and international success gave Blom the necessary experience that might’ve been missing on Boat. The songs on Welcome Break are straight to the point and manage to touch upon a wide emotional spectrum.

The catchy garage pop songs all make very clear why Pip Blom is currently the frontrunner in her genre. Our favourite tracks are ‘Keep it Together’ and ‘I Know I’m Not Easy To Like.’We’re a huge of Blom’s newly adapted retro aesthetic which fits perfectly by the reintroduction of 90s influences. 

Heavenly Recordings/ PIAS