Text: Fabien Trève

Here we are! It’s been quite some time since we stopped counting our listening’s of Semi Finalists, the first album of Pærish, which we know by now like the back of our hands. The second album of the French quartet is finally available this Friday and we have to admit that it was worth the wait..

Since the release of their debut album, Pærish has had the privilege of sharing the stage with names such as Movements, Moose Blood, Silversun Pickups and even Sum 41. With all these great folks, the next step was actually logical. Indeed, on the occasion of their new project, the quartet was able to join the iconic SideOneDummy Records (which has collaborated with Violent Soho, Title Fight, PUP and many others). And that’s not all, for the making of this new album the band was able to work within Studio 4 in the company of Will Yip which has an incredible CV for any alternative music lover. Thanks to this time spent in the studio, Pærish were able to offer us five new tracks this year, all accompanied by their videos, before the release of their new album: Fixed It All.

We find in the latter about ten tracks, including those that the band offered us these last months, such as Archives, the eponymous track Fixed It All, but also You & I including the participation of Movements’ Patrick Miranda and Pencey Sloe’s Diane Pellotieri. For this new opus, the band’s soundscape has been preserved, as well as the television and film references to which they have become accustomed. There are some sounds that seem to be even more elaborate than on the first album, in addition to the progressions and leads that are typical from them. The album ends on a very good note with the remarkable track Hollow, perfect to close a project like this one. 

This new album was expected, but the context around it totally justified this expectation. Pærish seem to be slowly finding their place among the big names of their scene and the meetings and opportunities the band seems to be exposed to since the last few years suggest very good things for the future.

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