Text: Lucas Rebreyend

Once upon a time, there was a distant planet where time beat a very different measure than that imposed by the vibration of a caesium atom. Seconds, hours, months, centuries, so many futile notions could not have any hold on the enchanting lands of Timeland, because here, one does not question slow or fast, late or early, beginning or end. None of that matters… at least not yet. 

Suddenly, in the beginning was the riff. Carelessly sliding along the neck, it stands up on its two notes and moves on. On the way he meets a neighbouring guitar, who hands it her hat. The discussion going well, they both stumble on a nest of harmonicas, which rises in swarm! And the story can begin… 

“The Land Before Timeland” is a joyful introduction to the “gizzard” safari that this mini-album proposes. For here we’ll come across a nice overview of the band’s sound fauna, starting with the superposition of musical ambiances. From a simple guitar riff, the groove progressively thickens as the musicians join the train, and in polyrhythm, please. Drums, harmonicas, vocals, bass, everyone settles in their place within an ambitious jazzy piece with progressive overtones (Traffic is not far off) that reminds us of the little hits of Fishing for Fishies (2019).  

Following the formula of the first album of the series, the track stretches into a (very) long improvisation track, which only ends at the end of the second and last track, “Hypertension”, whose aspect would be futile to try and describe, so much so that one feels the will to let the continuous magma of the grouped sessions that gave birth to this album shine through. For several days, the guys played their heart out, then cut through many hours of recordings to get a plausible substance, and here is the result. An opus to listen to in one go. Ready for Timeland?