Text: Clara Di Croce

With an unconventional style and a unique universe, Japanese Breakfast’s latest album gives a new lease of life to alternative pop rock. After two first albums, Psychopomp and Soft Sounds from Another Planet, which won over alternative music fans and a year and a half of expectation, Japanese Breakfast is back with a new album, more in line with their personality.

Mixing a mastered electro style and a slowly bewitching voice, another world emanates from Japanese Breakfast’s album by mixing ten tracks, each more intense than the last.  For these new compositions, artist Michelle Zauner has made no secret of the fact that she has chosen joy without compromise and in huge amounts. However, life also calls for darker moments, which you must be able to escape and seize, according to the artist, and it is this idea that the singer wanted to convey in her new album.

Through Jubilee, Michelle Zauner puts her thoughts and, above all, her desires into her own musical universe in order to convey her feelings about the world and its environment.

The result is a surprising and unexpected work full of vibrations and excitement, crossing a multitude of moods and atmospheres.

As a conclusion, we love to hear the boldness of Japanese Breakfast; for one and the same reason: the power to carry us to other worlds.

Dead Oceans