Text : Florian Baudouin

There are those bands that can hypnotize you in one second. Personally, it’s quite rare that it happens to me and even more so when it’s an extremely young band releasing their first EP. You’ll have understood it, I’m talking about Fishtalk, a band from Caen, France, currently based in the Paris area. The band was formed in spring 2019, and consists of four members: Mathilde Gresselin (vocals, keyboard, guitar), Ismaël and Corentin Maretheu (guitar, bass) and Valentin Moncler (drums).

We learn that the EP has been recorded in their living room and it’s already a first surprise, how professional it sounds (and something tells me that this band has more in store for us). Anyway, let’s get down to the serious business: the EP opens with Limp, and this track shows the band’s colours: they have four tracks to take you on a hypnotising dreamlike journey. Most of the time, you’ll find clear reverbed guitars whose melodies blend perfectly, accompanied by a layer of absolutely soothing keyboards, which sometimes brings ambient sounds that maintain the dreamlike quality of the whole.

We keep going with Sinusoid, more frenetic than the first piece, but just as soothing and dreamy. While listening to this song on Soundcloud, we are struck by the fact that the audio tracking bar is shaped like perfect waves. Judging by the title of the track all this has been made on purpose, and it is therefore absolutely brilliant. Well done.

The EP continues with “Hummingbirds”, in the same veinas the first track, and ends with “Générique”, which shows off Gresselin’skeyboard and voice. This title gives the album the ending it deserves and puts a gentle end to this short dream that is proposed to us. 

We are definitely looking forward to hearing their full-length album which is currently in preparation. One thing is for sure, if you’re looking for a new artist to fall asleep, relax, or just get away from it all during a few songs, look no further, because you’ve got it in front of you.

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