Text: Susanne van Hooft

American post-hardcore Fiddlehead is making a big splash with their new album Between the Richness that was released on Friday. Actually Fiddlehead continues where they left off in 2018 with Springtime and Blind. The new album is also pleasant to listen to and contains solid emo songs once again, but at the same time after listening to the album it feels like a train has rolled over you. On the second full length album of the five-piece band, ten songs come thundering by in just under half an hour.

This intensity is mainly due to the wall of guitars, with tight, catchy riffs, tight drums and the fast succession of songs. The band also uses grand gestures to express their emotions. Vocalist Pat Flynn knows how to put drama in his voice, and both the howling and the tight guitars add to that. These emotional outbursts are strongest in ‘Heart to Heart’, the anthem ‘Get My Mind Right’ and ‘Life Noticed’. These songs are personal and touch upon sensitive issues. ‘Heart to Heart’ is another example where Fiddlehead goes big with a song that can be seen as a letter from father to son. It’s nice that Flynn doesn’t hold back here. His powerful voice is suitably supported by solid guitar lines, to end with a nice riff. ‘Life noticed’ is the jewel of the album. This song starts with a spoken message telling us that Heather died at the age of 34. It is a tribute to Flynn’s best friend who died of an overdose. Don’t expect a soaring, heavenly song, but rather raw honesty with a guitar that cuts through the soul. Not everything is equally strong. ‘The Years’ and ‘Loverman’ are not only superficial in terms of lyrics, also the vocal melody tends to be sing-a-long. But that’s what we often hear in emo rock. Thanks to the guitars, Fiddlehead keeps things a bit exciting, they always know how to tip the balance in the right direction.

Between the Richness is an emo-rock album where the songs find a fine combination of grand and personal, where Flynn’s vocals always stand firm and the guitars are excellent.  

Run for Cover Records / Konkurrent