Text: Hanna de Vries

If you love alternative music, you might have good memories of ‘Bring me to Life’. The Evanescence song has almost been inseparable from many’s ‘emo’ phase. But, the band surrounding singer Amy Lee has done of course many more things than the one hit song. Recently, the sixth studio album from the Goth-Rock band called ‘The Bitter Truth’ has come out.

Often, Evanescence likes to take their time before releasing new music. Their last album, called Synthesis released in 2017. Despite the band taking their time, there hasn’t been much difference between the albums. The opening song ‘Artifact/The Turn’ has us fooled for a minute, but as soon as we heard the opening notes of ‘Broken Pieces Shine’ we knew that we didn’t need to expect any surprises this time around either.

This doesn’t necessarily mean anything negative. Evanescence has been able to find their own formula for success early on and ‘The Bitter Truth is a strong album. The album is a very accessible listen for newcomers and yet won’t disappoint the existing fanbase. The still impressive vocals of Amy Lee carry the songs. The delicate lyrics and the classic guitar sound are still there. We can even find a classic piano ballad with ‘Far from Heaven.’

In short: Why change a winning team? Evanescence music seems to be time withstanding, with ‘The Bitter Truth’ being ultimate proof.

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