Text : Laura Rosierse

Alternative pop outfit EUT release second album ‘Party Time’, filled with humour and eclectic soundscapes.

Dutch alternative pop outfit EUT are back with the release of their second album, ‘Party Time’ is a collection of catchy alternative soundscapes that represent a fun time! EUT creates tracks that grow on you, a refined sound that is most of all quirky and a welcome distraction from everyday life. Their attitude gives their music colour and spices up their unusual soundscapes. There is nothing normal about EUT yet what they do also isn’t groundbreaking. Sometimes what we need is a band that speaks just the words no one dares to say aloud and that is exactly what EUT have been doing since their first release in 2017. One that turned all industry-heads towards them, made them the most booked band of Dutch traveling festival Popronde and had them share a stage with Beck. All of their past releases prepared them for the release of their sophomore album, ‘Party Time’. 

The album kicks off with comfortably laid back single ‘What Gives You The Kicks’. The album-opener shows a sound that is slightly less hasty than what we have previously heard of EUT, and their second album is the perfect time and place to showcase such a sound. ‘What Gives You The Kicks’s mix is filled with warm and funky effects and makes singer Megan’s voice shine like a rough diamond. We continue with ‘Had Too Much’, partly spoken, partly drunkenly sung with a simple and catchy soundscape. Lyrically this single tells the story we have undoubtedly all lived; “I don’t think we can be friends, I’ve had too much, I’m drinking again…” It’s that simple slight interlude that is repetitive yet works like a mantra and hopefully helps us remember all the good… Doubtedly good times we’ve had when we went out drinking again. 

This slow breather gets followed up by upbeat and uplifting track ‘Party Time’, previously released as single and evidently a delicious piece of airy art rock with a touch of simple pop. ‘Party Time’ is the title track of the album for a reason, both album and single talk of lust, sex and loneliness in a refreshingly open-hearted way. My new favourite party hit gets followed by the bluntly sensual ‘Stuck’, “teach me how to fuck, fuck up my mind…”. It is the most experimental sound on the album and echoes a synth-driven art rock sound a la St. Vincent. ‘Stuck’ gets followed up by an ‘Interlude’, a piece for which we are still looking for its meaning. In my humble opinion, the ‘Interlude’ could have been at least three minutes shorter, but then again… Who am I to talk?! 

Lullaby-like single ‘The Buggs (Part II)’ is one of those unusual sounds EUT make from time to time, and even though its sound isn’t as exciting as the other songs on the album, Megan’s piercing vocals make it one of those singles that makes us wonder what comes next. We are continuing on an insect-inspired note with ‘Killer Bee’, an alternative electronically- and synth-driven track with hazy harmonies that talk of success and trying to make it. ‘When I Dive’ continues on the subject of struggling with unanswered questions and pretending to be someone you are not. It’s one of the most soaring, nearly anxious songs on the album, the song expresses feelings of being puzzled and does so with repetitive and intriguing effects that fill up this precarious soundscape. 

We have finally arrived at the part of the album where previously released single ‘It’s Love (But It’s Not Mine)’ waltzes in and takes us all on an exciting and incredibly infectious ride we never want to get off. It is a recognisable slice of energetic and telling alternative pop rock that will be stuck in your head for days, no… Weeks! We end the album on a slower yet strong high with ‘Bubble Baby’, which could possibly be interpreted as an ode to the entire album in ballad-form. It is EUT’s way of bringing an immaculately produced song that is filled with pain and heart-felt lyrics. 

‘Party Time’ is an overall open-hearted story, translated into an album that goes against the grain and does not care for popular opinions, ‘Party Time’ was made because it had to be. Their dynamic sound and tone of voice might be ever changing but EUT will always be unapologetically EUT.  

V2 Records