Text: Chloe Gudgin

Black Honey. The band to watch out for in the next decade. Written and Directed by Black Honey is the latest album to come out by the foursome. The foursome consists of Izzy Phillips, Chris Oastler, Tommy Taylor, and Alex Woodward. Black Honey has 34.2k followers on Instagram, with over 1 million listeners on Spotify. To get excited for the release of their new album, I started to listen to the tracks that listeners have been waiting for, for over a while.

‘I like the way you talk’, starts off the album with sounds of rock and a sort of velvet sound that makes me feel like I am in a nightclub that has no fear. Wow, then Beaches, beaches, beaches the sound of clapping at the start brings me straight into that song with my ears wanting to listen to more and more of that song. Izzy’s voice comes out in that song and the lyrics sit straight with her voice. 

Throughout this album, Believer stands out to me. The title of the song gets me interested in it before I even listen to it as with Black Honey’s success, that metaphorically comes out. They are believers. Summer 92’ with the sound of Guitar/Bass at the start screams out as an indie song, that is sort of unbelievably good. The way the lyrics stand out and the chorus screams out with the high and low notes from Izzy, makes me want to know what happened in the Summer of 92. 

To end all of this is Gabrielle. A slow guitar playing whilst Izzy sings emotionally, and I’m wondering who is Gabrielle? But her name flows into my head, Black Honey has made that possible, the lyrics, the wondering, the belief and the constant ROCK in their music have me wanting to listen to their album more & more. Black Honey just keep, going and going. Gabrielle is for sure a song to listen out too. 

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