It’s here, “Food For Worms”, the long-awaited new album from British post-punk quintet Shame, two years after “Drunk Tank Pink”. So, is this the album of the consecration? Lucas will tell us. Zaza also tells us about “Privé”, Cashmyra’s new album. Like every week, we’ve also updated our Chaotic Playlist, which you can find on Spotify, with the best recent alternative releases. Scroll down to discover it all!

Shame – Food For Worms

A gloomy piano suddenly grabs you, and a tornado follows. The voice is still determined, but the guitars that flutter around seem surprisingly multiplied. The bass roars, it is precise, relentless, supporting the shouting voice of the second fiddle. Read the entire review by clicking on the image.

Cashmyra – Privé

Cashmyra’s music might make you a little uncomfortable. It is sharp, the lyrics are romantic and about making mistakes and, above all, the music sounds dark. Like there’s a thundercloud hanging over your head. All this only in the best way you can imagine. Cashmyra even apologises for this in the last track on the album: ‘Apologies for the inconvenience’. Read the entire review by clicking on the image.

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