Who are they?

Levent Ceylan – guitar, vocals
Scott MacDonald – drums
Olek Nixon – bass
Gail Tasker – flute

Where are they from?

United Kingdom

What kind of music do they make?

Kraut-inspired, progressive noise rock and psychedelic ambience.

Where can we see them?

Nov 5 – Trier release show @ Old Blue Last, London w/ Moreish Idols + Rosie Alena
Nov 11 – Exchange, Bristol w/ Blue Bendy + Minor Conflict

What should I listen to?

To that, the answer is definitely ‘Trier’. Released today on Blitzcat Records, the single is very energetic and varied. But don’t stop after listening to the single, continue with the EP, because that way you will discover the versatility this band has to offer.

Why would I want to?

Wow! What an energy Kyoto Kyoto brings. Coming from England, the band has been making music that is at once chaotic and really very interesting since 2019. The band certainly knows what originality is: the use of a flute is not something we see every day in this genre and Ceylan’s vocals are in German. Earlier this year, they released an EP and we were disappointed to have missed it. Fortunately, we are now there in time for the new energy that drips off the group and we invite you to jump on the Kyoto Kyoto train with us, because you don’t want to miss this. 

Where can I find the band online?


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