Picture: Bornside

Tomorrow, french pop-punk band Bornside will officially unveil a new video, with “Somewhere”, which will be featured on the band’s first EP, “Light Rain & Dick Moves”, to be released on Friday 16th September. CHAOS and Bornside invite you to discover this music video today exclusively on our website!

“Somewhere is about the questions we all have, every day. Whether it’s about our place in today’s society, our place in the workplace, in our family or in our group of friends. We all hope to find the place that suits us and in which we feel good. For the video, we chose to make a montage of the time spent in the studio or in rehearsals because these are obviously moments where these questions can arise. These are also moments that lead up to the concert we played on September 1st and the future concerts we’re going to play and that’s where we feel we belong. So for us, it’s all connected and it made sense to share it with everyone to kick off the release of the EP. Finally, on an artistic level, this video was directed and edited by Jonathan, the band’s guitarist, just like our two previous videos.”

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