The album reviews of Hater, The Rills and Let’s Eat Grandma are now available on our website. We’ve also added our favourite new alternative releases to the CHAOTIC PLAYLIST. Quickly scroll down to see which ones they are!

Hater – Sincere

Jangling guitars and Landahl’s sometimes almost skipping voice don’t exactly make for radio-friendly music. But still, there was that ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’ right away that held attention and apparently excited critics. Read our entire review on Hater’s ‘Sincere’ by clicking on the image.

Let’s Eat Grandma – Two Ribbons

The third album from young British synthpop duo Let’s Eat Grandma exhibits the bond between the two best friends in all its paradoxical glory. Despite the fact that on Two Ribbons the faltering of their friendship is central, the result is extremely cohesive and their affection for each other now seems stronger than ever. Read the entire review by clicking on the image.

The Rills – Do It Differently

The English trio from Lincolnshire have had a very busy year. They were more than rightly rewarded with a spot in the NME Top 100 of 2022. Indie-punk band The Rills have attracted quite a few new listeners with their funny videos on TikTok. After spending a lot of time in recording studios, Do It Differently is finally here. Read the entire review by clicking on the image.

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