The album reviews of Fontaines D.C. and Bloc Party are now available on our website. We’ve also selected our favourite new alternative releases and added them to our CHAOTIC PLAYLIST. Of those exciting new releases we highlighted three, quickly scroll down to see which ones!

Fontaines D.C. – Skinty Fia

It’s hard to imagine a more solemn and sombre atmosphere than that of the new Fontaines D.C. album. On the background of the musical portrait: the hardships of exile in London, the dizziness of sudden success – which we know has affected the band in recent years – and many disillusions. Between the lines, we find the precious Ireland, and the fierce desire to preserve the associated Gaelic culture… Read the entire review by clicking on the image.

Bloc Party – Alpha Games

Ambition, corruption and desire. According to Bloc Party, Alpha Games is a return to the sound of their older work. Thinking ahead, but with a nod to the energy of the past. This is the first album written in the format we know today. Read the entire review by clicking on the image. Read the entire review by clicking on the image.


Every week we highlight a few songs that you should absolutely listen to. In week 16 these are:

The Awkward – George Gorgeous

Genre: Disco Pop
FFO: The Vices, EUT, Blanks 
Listen because: their incredibly infectious synth pop sound has evolved into something more disco, more synthy, and even poppier. It is the grand new single ‘George Gorgeous’ that cements their position in the local musical landscape even further, with strong vocals and surprising elements that weave the song’s different components together! 

Tamino – The First Disciple

Genre: Dream Pop
FFO: Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Oscar and the Wolf,
Listen because: there isn’t a dream in which Tamino doesn’t take care of the soundtrack, his sultry, crooning vocals are angelic and have been picked up by the world at large, and it shouldn’t be any other way. His soothing dream pop sound elevates expectations on every single song he releases, and he does so again on ‘The First Disciple’, a wonderful weekend surprise. 

Tidepool – Patterns

Genre: Guitar Pop
FFO: The Kooks, False Heads, BAYBOARDS
Listen because: the Manchester-based indie rock outfit have finally released their debut single, an infectious and warm, comforting alt rock track with soaring vocals and a guitar-driven soundscape built on driving drums and distorted riffs throughout!

You can find these songs, together with other recommendations, in our CHAOTIC TWENTY playlist:

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