The album review of Shaemless is now available on our website. Of course we also have selected the most interesting alternative releases and compiled them in our CHAOTIC TWENTY playlist. Three of the twenty songs are highlighted. Quickly scroll down to see which ones!

Shaemless – SUUZ

Yes, we can finally take the pressure off! The four friends of Shaemless could not have chosen a better moment than now to finally release their long-awaited debut album ‘SUUZ’, which was already announced in May last year. Read the entire review by clicking on the image.


Every week we highlight a few songs that you should absolutely listen to. In week 6 these are:

Sick Joy – belly aching beast (feat. Jamie Lenman)

Genre: grunge
FFO: Fangclub, Big Spring
Listen because: this is a wonderfully uptempo song with surprising hooks, the right dose of aggression and a salutary abundance of guitars.

Sylvaine – Nova

Genre: post metal
FFO: Ghost Bath, Amenra
Listen because: this song is soothing. Close your eyes and feel how this song penetrates your body like a warm bath in which you totally relax.

Punkband – Criminal Nah

Genre: punk
FFO: Bilk, Bad Nerves
Listen because: the bass and guitar riffs sound so cool and you can swear along with this song as punk should.

You can find these songs, together with other recommendations, in our CHAOTIC TWENTY playlist:

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