As every year, CHAOS has stuck its nose into the albums released this year in order to compile a top 5. It was difficult, but we succeeded! Every day this week, we will share one of these albums and so on Christmas Eve, the number 1 will be announced.

5: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Sticky

A global pandemic may not be the best situation to open a tattoo shop. Fortunately for Frank Carter, he can always count on his music to make ends meet! Better than that, he even combines the two with his track “Go Get A Tattoo”. Faithful to the punk-rock style we’ve known for several years, he offers us with “Sticky” an alchemy of heavy riffs and vocal lines as raging as catchy. A good start for this top 5 of the year!

4: Shame – Drunk Tank Pink

They have been wandering around the post-punk land for a few years. After the release of “Songs of Praise” in 2018, this year they released their second album “Drunk Tank Pink”. This album, like the previous one, fulfilled our expectations, but they dared to explore the post punk landscape a little deeper. Moreover, they don’t have time to fool around as they have already released a new single last week!

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3: Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend

This year, Wolf Alice arrived with a third album, four years after the previous one. In these troubled times, this is the kind of album that is welcomed with open arms: undeniably gentle, even during the more violent passages, full of benevolence and in which the question of feelings is regularly evoked. Listening to this album makes you want to wrap yourself in a blanket and, if possible, hug the music!

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2: Spiritbox – Eternal Blue

It was one of the most anticipated albums of the year. After two first EPs that didn’t go unnoticed, the Canadian metalcore band that is a rising star on the international metal scene finally unveils its first full-length album. And to say the least, we’re not disappointed by the trip! In this album, we have everything: devastating riffs, a female voice that knows how to be bewitching as well as enraged, and breakdowns that stand out in terms of structure as well as sound, which give the album a progressive side. There is also a featuring with Sam Carter (Architects). Just that, please! This is clearly one of the albums of the year not to be missed.

1: Rats On Rafts – Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Paths

This is the album we’ve chosen this year. Beginning with an Asian-like intro, this new opus from Rats on Rafts takes us on a journey into all sorts of worlds, alternating between short, concise tracks and longer ones, taking the time to set the atmosphere. Every note, every word, every snare hit is accurate. This is a real work of fiction. Is it a film, a play, a book? We’ll let you make up your own mind, but what is certain is that these rats on their rafts have found their way perfectly on the rabbit’s paths.

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