The album review of Dawn Harbor is now available on our website. Of course we also have selected the most interesting alternative releases and compiled them in our CHAOTIC TWENTY playlist. Three of the twenty songs are highlighted. Quickly scroll down to see which ones!

Dawn Harbor – Half a World Away

Lyon-based modern metal band Dawn Harbor is back with ‘Half a World Away’, a first album that has been carefully thought out. Read the entire review by clicking on the image.


Every week we highlight a few songs that you should absolutely listen to. In week 41 these are:

The Wombats – Ready for the High

Genre: indie pop
FFO: Courteeners, Kaiser Chiefs
Listen because: its intro is heavily instrumental and transforms into giving space to its vocals, while riffing guitars take over its soundscape. The song than changes into a catchy pop track, to which it is hard not to move along!

Sea Fever – Afterthought

Genre: Synth pop
FFO: New Order, Haven
Listen because: this song feels very eighties, yet is brand new. This isn’t a surprise, considering there are members of New Order in Sea Fever. ‘Afterthought’ immediately sounds familiar and solid, with intelligent synths and pulsating beats.

The Shadow Machine – Thirst

Genre: Alternative, Indie, Rock
FFO: The Haunted Youth, Whisperings Sons
Listen because: This is the perfect song to listen to in the fall, covered in a soft blanker and with a cup of tea warming your hands. Warm yourself up to its beautiful, almost hypnotic vocals and let yourself be carried away by the seductive guitars.

You can find these songs, together with other recommendations, in our CHAOTIC TWENTY playlist:

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