The album review of The Damned Few is now available on our website. Of course we also have selected the most interesting alternative releases and compiled them in our CHAOTIC TWENTY playlist. Three of the twenty songs are highlighted. Quickly scroll down to see which ones!

The Damned Few – Black Blooded Woman EP

It’s quite unlikely that you’ve heard of The Damned Few, unless you live in the Netherlands and have a keen interest in the rising rock scene. Indeed, this young Dutch band has only released one EP in addition to this one. Read the entire review by clicking on the image.


Every week we highlight a few songs that you should absolutely listen to. In week 34 these are:

Big Red Machine – Hoping Then

Genre: Indie folk rock
FFO: Foxing, Bon Iver, Sharon van Etten
Listen because: Unfortunately we didn’t review their new album (“How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last?”), but we wanted to share a track from it with you anyway. “Hoping Then”, which was not released as a single, reflects the album as a whole with a soothing sound and harmonies that will remind you of an escape in an American forest.

¡Pendejo! – Wrathchild

Genre: Hispanic folk metal
FFO: Finntroll, Turisas, Eluveitie
Listen because: A Dutch band that sings in Spanish with a folk metal sound that smells of tequila and Cuban cigars. It’s an unusual cocktail, to say the least, and well worth a visit.

Des Rocs – Imaginary Friends

Genre: Electro Rock
FFO: Royal Blood, Airways, Grandson
Listen because: A powerful mix of rock and electro that results in a track that will loop in your head for hours after listening.

You can find these songs, together with other recommendations, in our CHAOTIC TWENTY playlist:

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