Text: Black Monsoon
Photos: Eric Zwiers

Because a normal album-release tour was impossible for the band, grunge trio Black Monsoon decided to do a ‘video tour’ in eleven special places/locations to present the tracks on their new album. This week it’s time for the live-registration of the title-track ‘Pantomime’.

This second live-video is recorded in the empty room of the Pop-up podium BurgerHaven of Burgerweeshuis in Deventer, The Netherlands, that still has to open its doors for the bigger audience. “The contrast of the empty venue, with empty chairs in this new lockdown is a good representation of this concertless year. It might sound a bit dramatic, but it simply is what it is,” as Marjolijn Dokter tells us.

The live-shows are completely taken care of with the help of sound engineer Alex Cailiau (Ernst Jansz and The Gathering), light artist Freek Ros (De Staat and Altin Gün) and they are recorded by cineast Eric Zwiers (Maaike Ouboter and Ajax), the audiomix has been taken care of by Sander Holmer (Hedon and Burgerweeshuis), it was all supported by set assistant Tom Klein Beernink (Hip & Hanneke and the Freaks).

The upcoming weeks Black Monsoon will release a new live registration of an album track every week. Singer/guitar player Jacky Kwast explains: “We want people to discover our music the way it was meant, with the ambiance in the right live setting. Since it’s impossible for people to come to our normal rock shows, we will visit them at home on their laptops. Not too long, just a song of two or three minutes to continue working at home in good spirits again.”
The locations for the coming weeks will be among others a garage, an art exposition and a basement.

The videos are exclusively released on Thursdays on different leading music platforms and are available on the band’s own channels on Fridays. The video release tour is made possible by the Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds.

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